What is this site all about?

We've been delivering web accessibility courses for the past few months and we're often asked: "Can you give me an example website that does it properly?" Rather than creating a list of sites that are examples of accessible web design, it seemed to make sense to put the most common items together on one site.

What you'll find on this site

The accessible web design examples you'll find on this site are by no means comprehensive. They're here to show you how you can create web pages that avoid the most common accessibility issues such as:

Other accessibility tricks

Throughout the site, you'll also find some common elements that help make this site accessible:

  • skip to content link
  • scaleable fonts
  • sufficient color contrast
  • headings and logical reading order

This site is here to help. Feel free to look at the source code or visit the sites referenced on these pages and start incorporating some of these ideas in to your own websites.